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DOD Contractor's Ammunition & Explosives Safety Course  40 hrs

This course covers the requirements of DOD 4145.26-M, DOD Contractor's Safety Manual for Ammunition and Explosives. Topics include the DFARS clauses that begin the contracting cycle for defense contractors, site planning, mishap reporting, SOP preparation and review, explosive classifications and compatibility, quantity distance, electrical safety, fire protection, risk management and the specific requirements associated with manufacturing, storing and demilitarization of high explosives, propellants and pyrotechnics. The course addresses how to implement DOD contractual explosives safety requirements at a variety of locations including government-owned and contractor-owned facilities. Pre-award and post-award safety requirements, as well as preoperational reviews, are discussed from the perspective of the government and the contractor. The course includes classroom as well as a live fire portion at a nearby range to demonstration the hazards involved in the manufacturing, packaging, transportation, renovation and demilitarization of explosives. Tuition is $2000 each.


DOD Explosives, Propellants and Pyrotechnics Safety Course  24 hours

This 3 day course covers the hazards and characteristics of explosives, propellants and pyrotechnics to include explosives/propellants- single base, double base, triple base and cast as well as articles pyrotechnics. Training is primarily hands-on to show varying sensitivities to initiation, energetics safe handling, mishap prevention, explosive classifications and compatibility, quantity distance, electrical safety, fire protection and specific requirements associated with manufacturing, packaging,storing, testing, transportation, renovation and demilitarization of DOD energetics. The course includes live fire training at an explosives range to demonstrate the hazards presented by DOD explosives, propellants and pyrotechnics. Tuition is $1500 each.

Our training classes in Cullman County Alabama are a unique opportunity to study government and commercial explosives safety regulations followed by demonstrations and functioning various explosives, propellants and pyrotechnics in a safe range setting and share your knowledge with others in the class. Classes are small enough that everyone gets involved in setting up shots and targets on the range such as binary explosives, flares, smokes, propellants and incendiaries. Courses include sessions on explosives safety regulations  in a classroom setting at a hotel meeting room in Cullman  followed by time on the explosives range in nearby Hanceville AL. Each student will receive a copy of the explosives regulations and/or a certificate of completion.

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